Sunday, November 2, 2008

There's too much Negative Stereotyping against boys.

thats not an H,   its a K as in K-I-L-L-

This too...

Femme groups post this on several websites.

Okay, this is just a picture, and nothing serious.  BUT, please consider that most people try to prove that shes the victim of sexism.

I make a strong case that men have been oppressed for ages.  Mainly because stereotypes claim that he thinks of only 2 basic things.


At one time,,,,,,, These type of jokes represented the worst form of degradation.   (somewhat obsolete)...

They advertised the club to any woman who gets laughter from watching a man suffer     ha ha ha...... very funny.  Myspace close

cmon, admit it.... these type of jokes are longstanding, regarding relationships and marriage.

this is not so terrible.... but it still represents Negativity, and mistreatment.  Plus, most girls would cry over something so small.

This is not so bad,, BUT, still negative.  and it represents a traditional inequality.   It suggests that SHE CHOOSES.....

she excuses her aggression, by saying that its his fault.  He supposedly brings his troubles upon himself.

SOme people regard the word BITCH as offensive against women... but obviously, this word invokes terror.

This theme is probably not too serious ..BUT its actually based upon Feminazi dogma.  They believe a man should be properly trai

This tells the whole story.  should I explain its meaning? Or, should I leave that to you?

This saying is NOT accurate, because,  In truth, men allow wives to make rules because he cares about her....

This represents a more traditional form of social inequality.....

my fault, as usual.

There are thousands of slogans, just like this

Basically, people believe that its the mans fault whenever she treats him harshly

Traditionally, the male will tell his partner that Hes not worthy of her   Its a normal part of nearly every relationsh

Once again,, This is not such a terrible logo.  The designer probably meant no serious harm.  But, theres still a distinct acceptance h

Its the classic stereotype  unless he provides money, shes not the least bit interested in him...

its that old sexist stereotype. but modernized. Youre never gonna get my love.  just a blow up, stop wasting your breath

Yea,  Im always lacking in the Financial Department.


you go...

its that old sexist stereotype. but modernized. Youre never gonna get my love.  just a blow up, stop wasting your breath

Here we go, again...  The man is considered to be Lower than a rat...

This is PURE INEQUALITY.   any anthems for women should be considered UNFAIR.    (especially to the male Youth).

live it up girl friend



garbage can


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